Pancake day!!

It’s pancake day tomorrow, who is going to make some pancakes for breakfast? Make sure you try my egg free pancake recipe, it can also be made dairy free too by substituting the milk with soya milk! I’m going to serve mine with plenty of sugar and lemon juice I can’t wait! What will you have on yours??

Eggless Pancake

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4 Responses to Pancake day!!

  1. Julie Potts says:

    D’oh! Of course I can like your blog on Facebook! That’s what that first, instantly recognisable logo is!! Better go and get pancake making!! x

  2. Corinna says:

    Amazing, thank you! My 4-year old’s allergic to eggs and milk, so my previous attempts at pancakes were pretty rubbish and he didn’t like them. I tried these yesterday (with soya milk) and my husband and I ended up having them as well, rather than bothering with a separate egg version, as they were so nice! If I hadn’t made them myself, I wouldn’t have believed they were egg-free. I also found them much quicker to cook than normal, so will be sticking with this recipe from now on.

  3. Karen Mason says:

    Thanks for your pancake recipe. My son has had an egg, nut and recently either melon or mango, not sure what triggered his vomiting, we do make egg free pancakes but just throw a bit of flour and milk in and he is happy once he has covered it in sugar. He is now doing cookery classes at school so will print this recipe out as while the other children are making omelettes! he will be making pancakes. Good for him to have a recipe with photos to follow. Thank you.

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